Waterproof Anti Theft Back Pack with USB Charger

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Our Best Anti Theft Back Pack full of Technology

You know the Situation when you are travelling and feeling not safe with your Laptop and other Valuables in your Backpack?

Maybe you are standing right now at the airport or railway station and hear the announcement to beware of theft.

Everywhere you hear horrible Stories about Theft and Pickpocketing.

This is what you need and we have it on a Massive Sale of 50% Off Now. A theft can be very expensive and stressy for you, especially with a lost purse. So this is not just that you buy a new backpack, THIS IS AN INVESTMENT - think about it.

Imagine you would not have to care about thieves anymore and can go wherever you want to with no fear because you know exactly your backpack is safe. If you want that, then this is going to be your new best friend on your travels...

anti theft back pack for sale


This beautiful waterproof anti theft back pack contains multiple Pockets inside and hidden Zippers. Additionally the main Zipper is secured by an easy to handle combination lock so that no thief has a chance to get into it.

Also on the backside you can hide personal items like your purse or your phone in a hidden bag right on your back which is well padded with 20mm honeycomb elastic foam for your comfort to avoid any annoying pressure.

Made of High Quality water repellent Nylon Material your anti theft travel backpack will protect your devices and documents not only from theft, also from the weather, to keep your personal goods safe and in good hands.

The light weight of 0.95 Kg/2.09 lbs does not restrict the large capacity of 20 liters at all.

The Anti Theft Travel Backpack also takes care for your Phone when the battery gets low. Just connect it to the 4.0 USB port and it charges your Phone and other USB devices like Cameras or Tablets.

Image to load your phone whenever you want and never have to search like crazy for a socket anymore. The Anti Theft Backpack makes it easy for you to stay independent wherever you are.

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Weight: 0,95 Kg / 2.09 lbs

Size: 30*16*44cm / 11.8*6.3*17.3 Inch

Material: Nylon

Max. Fitting Laptop Size: 38*26 cm / 15.6 Inch

Capacity: 20 liters


Get your Waterproof Anti Theft Backpack now in 5 different colours. Make your Travel a Safe Journey, it's your time to enjoy...

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