Viking And Celtic Tree of Life Necklace

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Yggdrasil - The Symbolic Tree Of Life

The symbolic Tree of Life shows in the myths of the people the order of the world and firm connections of many different levels with each other. Pre-scientific cultures usually distinguish between the world of the gods or heaven, the world on earth as middle world and the underworld.

The tree Norse Tree of Life Yggdrasil is linked as the tree of life in the germanic mythology in many ways with symbols and with possible meanings: The ash tree works as a centre of the different worlds building the respective connections. Additionally Yggdrasil's branches carry the wide vault of the sky.

Therefore mythologists understand Yggdrasil as the axis of the world: the world of the gods, the middle world and the underworld are linked together via the symbolic tree of life.

Available in Gold, Rose Gold and Silver

viking and celtic tree of life for salenecklaces tree of life in different colors

celtic tree of life necklace

Material: Fine Alloy+Crystal+Copper

Environmental Standard: Lead free, Nickel free, Cadmium free

Pendant size: 24mm / 0.94 Inch

Chain lenght: 42 cm / 16.54 Inch


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