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One of the most powerful Viking Symbols...

Thor's hammer Mjolnir is considered a ver mighty symbol of the god Thor, the God of Thunder.Thor's symbol stands for power and protection.

It was worn by the Vikings mostly as a necklace with a Thors Hammer pendant and was supposed to protect its wearer and give special power for different situations in life. Especially when Christianity in Scandinavia arose the Thors Hammer Necklace became more popular as a sign of loyalty to the Gods. 

The Saga of Mjolnir

The Story of the origin of Mjolnir tells how the God Loki claims that the dwarf brothers Sindri and Brokkr could never succeed to create more beautiful items as the sons of Ivaldi do. Sindri and Brokkr accept the bet and immediately start working. Brokkr was supposed to never leave the bellows by the fire. Loki in disguise as a fly tried to distract several times him without success so that Mjolnir could be completed with one small mistake: The handle was shorter than Sindri planned and the hammer can only be trained with one hand.

Since it has been too heavy for everyone else Thor was the only one managing it to lift it. and so it became his feared weapon that he slams against the Midgard Snake and the Thursen ( Giants ). Whith each slam you can hear the thunder rumbling and see the lightning in the sky.

Buy your Thor Hammer  Mjolnir today in noble design and enjoy the protection of Thor, the mighty God of Thunder, providing you with power and strenght in any situation to stand your ground in good times and in bad times.


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Lenght: 50 & 70 cm / 20 & 27.5 Inch

Material: Stainless Steel

Colours: bronze & antique silver

Available with and without Viking Box ( perfect as a Gift )


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