How to make your Homemade Hand Sanitizer

How to make your Homemade Hand Sanitizer -

How to make your Homemade Hand Sanitizer

DIY Hand Sanitizer


How you make your own Homemade Hand Sanitizer in a few simple steps...

Whether you are in train, bus or in the Supermarket - everywhere you go you potentially get in contact with germs that pthers have left behind. It is therefore important to wash your hands several times a day.

But what can you do when washing your hands is no option right now?

Take a sanitizer for your hands which are available from many manufacturers. However you can save the money by making your own nice smelling hand sanitizer. It's totally simple and at the end you know exactly what is all in the bottle.

Instructions for your DIY Hand Sanitizer

The list of ingredients in an average sanitizer reads like a chemistry doctoral thesis: Propan-2-ol, Propan-1-ol, Mecetroniumsulfate etc.

If you are too afraid to rub this mixture on your skin or on your children, you can also mix an agent yourself that kills pathogens. How this works and what you need for it is shown here in our DIY instructions for hand sanitizers.

However it is important that you would not overdo the usage. Washing your hands with soap is always the better alternative - for your skin and your immune system. Because when you wash your hands, you kill a large parts of the bacteria and viruses on your hand surface and a certain contact pathogens is even good for us because we stimulate our immune system.

Additionally some bacteria even protect our skin. Nevertheless hygiene is important, especially in the cold season or in seasons with higher viral activity. And if there is no sink nearby a sanitizer is the perfect alternative.

Checklist: What do you need for your DIY Hand Sanitizer?

For the production a large glas or a bowl suits best.

Bottles made of brown glas are particularly suitable for filling. These make the ingredients last longer. You can get them in the pharmacy or ordering online. Make sure you take glas bottles with a spray attachment.

For about 100 milliliters you will need:

80 ml alcohol ( Isopropylalcohol )

20 ml aloe vera juice

5 drops of an essential oil: either tea tree, clove, lavender, lemon, rosemary, cinnamon or eucalyptus.

Mix all those ingredients in the bottle together and don't forget to shake before usage.

The essential oils it contains are a natural remedy for germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi. Alcohol disinfects very well, aloe very does too and the aloe even nourishes the skin.

If you prefer to clean surfaces with the spray simple replace the aloe content 1/1 with the alcohol.

How do you handle your homemade Hand Disinfectant properly?

Spray your hands with the spray from a distance of 5 cm until the palms are wet and also spread between your fingers - similar to the soap you are washing your hands with. Leave on up to 30 seconds.

Now you know how to make your own Hand Sanitizer.

Stay healthy and take care for yourself!

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