How to build your own water filter

how to build your own water filter -

How to build your own water filter

Get fresh water in the woods

The best water filtration for outdoor enthusiasts!


You are tired of carrying several liters of drinking water with you?

Best solution: Build your own water filter and drink right from nature!

Pure and clean water like right from the tap!

How you can built your own water filter we show you in this article.


If you don't want to build your own water filter we have an alternative here.


What do you need for your water purifier?

One plastic bottle ( the bigger the better )

Several scraps of cloth

A little bit of sand

Small pebbles

Charcoal from camp fire

A piece of cord

A knife

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How you get this all together for the best water filtration?

1. If you want to build a water filter by yourself you first need an empty water bottle. Now take the knife and cut off the ground of the water bottle. Keep the bottle ground for later, this is going to be the collector for your filtered water.

2. Then drill two holes in the bottle with your knife, right upon where you cut the ground off. These holes are used to hang up the filter later.

3. Next step is to take your knife and drill another small hole into the lid of the bottle. The filtered water will later emerge through this hole. If necessary for example the flow rate is too low you can always expand this hole later.

4. Now you will need a scrap of cloth. If you are in an emergency situation you can tear off pieces from your clothing. Otherwise just cut some pieces out of a dishcloth. Stuff the first piece of cloth into the bottleneck.

5. Now you need the charcoal. Just take them out of your extinguished campfire. However, if you are not stranded on a lonely island you can also just take charcoal from the supermarket. Now grind the coal very small. A stick lying around or the handle end of your knife works best for grinding. Then fill the carbon powder into the bottle. Put a piece of cloth on it so it won't get lost.

6. You take the sand now and fill it into the bottle and put the next piece of cloth onto it so that everything together starts forming a layer.

7. A layer of pebbles follows. Make sure that the coal, sand and pebble layers have approximately the same volume.

8. Your water filter is almost ready. The last step to do is to take care of the hanging device. To do this, take the piece of cord and thread it through the two holes you drilled earlier into the water bottle. Make a knot at the ends so that the cord is fixed and can no longer slip through the holes.

Now you can use your filter. You see - super easy stuff and absolute natural water purification!

 No heavy water bottles carying around anymore and you are completely independent with this.

Of course not everyone is skillfully drafted and this is no problem at all. We also have a solution for you guys. 

When you click on this link we have a water filter that works almost the same way as this one does. And the best thing is you save $15,- now!


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Check it out and stay independent.

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