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Not only a Compass


The Vegvisir is meant to be a guide to the bearer of this symbol both spiritual and for life itself. Some people interpet in the symbol or the Nine Sights of the Vegvisir the nine worlds. The center of the Vegvisir is also interpreted as "me" or also for Midgard.

The Nine Worlds are devided into three levels:

1. Upper World




2. Middle World




3. Underworld




In the Huld Manuscript, a collection of spell and other sigils the following is written on the Vegvisar:

"If that symbol is worn the wearer should not be lost in storm or wind, even if the way ahead is unknown"

The pendant as a raven head is dedicated to Hugin and Munin, the two Ravens of the god Odin who also has the epithet "Hrafnass", which means God of Ravens.

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Metal: Stainless Steel

Available in Gold and Silver

Available lights: blue and green

Chain Lenght 56 cm / 22.05 Inch

Pendant Size 4,2 cm / 2.2 Inch


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