Survival Lighter for your Key Chain Stainless Steel

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No trouble getting a fire started anymore

Starting a fire in wet environment can be frustrating and a long process. Especially when you don't have a lighter...

To enjoy a nice session by the camp fire anyway we got a little trick for you.

With this Survival Lighter you can leave the trouble behind you.

Just connect it to your key chain and you will always have it with you. Lost lighter or wet matches? Not your problem anymore! You got the best lighter for outdoors since it is completely waterproof.

Ultra light weight and weatherproof. Light it up more than 10 000 times before the flint has to be changed.

best lighter for outdoors survisal and camping


Surprise your family and friends with this reliable survival lighter and get nice bulk discounts:

1 piece - $ 8.90

2 pieces - $ 14.90

3 pieces - $ 20.90

Perfect as a gift to steal the Show. Get yours today...

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