Cloth Surgical Mask - Reusable and in different Colors

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Cloth Surgical Mask on Best Price

With this light weight Cloth Surgical Mask you will be able to perfectly protect your mouth and nose region for smear infections of all kinds of bacteries and viruses. Suitable for adults and kids and in 4 different colors available. 

Easy to wash and well suited for the desinfectional hot water program in your washing machine this cotton surgical mask will last you for a long time. 

The light weight of this stylish cloth surgical mask, its soft cotton surface and high level of comfort allows you to breathe almost like without a mask. 


Material: Cotton 

Size: fits to everyone ( stretchy )

Function: Antiviral Face Mask

Washable: Yes 

Suitable for Hygiene Filters? Yes ( click here to order your Hygiene Filters )

best washable cloth surgical mask

This Mouth Protection Mask is perfect if you want to do outdoor activities and protect you and your family outside of dust and viral or bacterial influence. 

The Anti Dust Filters we offer are perfect for additional protection within your cloth mask. Click here to get your filters. 

antiviral face mask perfect for any situation

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