S20W T Series 1080p - Best FPV Drone under 500 Dollar

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High Quality Aerial Photography Does Not Have To Be Expensive!

You know the situation?

You just spotted a nice place which looks absolutely amazing and you wished you could catch it on a picture from above getting the whole scenery?

You simply love to discover new places where you could never reach to?

Or you just like flying around on first person view for fun?

The S20W Quadcopter will be your best friend then!

If you are looking for the best FPV drone for under 200 Dollars, this could easily be it. Having fun and discovering new places or cathing breathtaking moments on camera or video does not have to cost tons of money!

5G WIFI First Person View

Fly through caves or just through the garden and keep an eye on everything around via 5G WIFI Pirst Person View on a distance up to 400 meters.

Adjustable 1080P HD Camera

The super clear 1080P camera provides you with amazing images and videos.

Follow Me Mode

You are ready to make your own Action Movie while Mointain Biking, Skiing or Sailing? No problem. With the Follow Me Mode you have your own Camera Assistant on your side for professional drone photography and videos.

LED Night Time Navigation Lights

Use your drone even in the night. The 4 LED lights will help you never losing it out of your view.

Headless Mode

Somebody just called you and you have to do something important right now? Or you accidentally just dropped the controller? Don't wory, the S20W won't crash due to its smart Headless Mode it keeps the position and altitude where you just left the controller.

Path Flight

You want the Drone to fly a path determined before? With the path flying function you are able via your smartphone to determine a prepared route before the drone starts the flight.

6 Axis Gyro

Equipped with the 6 Axis Gyro Flght Control System you will enjoy a super stable flight. Perfect for any kind of skill level.

One Key Take / Off Landing

Don't be afraid of starts or landings. Especially for beginners it can be frustrating crashing the drone in the try of landing. The S20W takes care itself for take off and landings so that you will be able to enjoy the flight when it's already in the air.


Quick Features:

  • Adjustable 1080 HD Camera
  • Follow Me Mode
  • LED Navigation Lights
  • Headless Mode
  • Path Flight Function
  • 6-Axis Gyro Flight Control
  • One Key Take Off / Landing
  • Remote Distance 400 meters
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