Multifunctional Solar Camping Lantern 280W

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Best Camping Gear - All in One

You love to go camping or fishing and are tired of changing batteries for your flashlight at night? 

Don't bother with that anymore, we have something better for you!

This solar powered camping lamp is awesome. With up to 380W three step dimming light it will provide you with light and power effectively. 

The highly efficient solar cells will fully charge during the day and reliably supply you with light and electricity - complety indepent. 

One of the most diverse and best camping gear for your equipment.

Maybe you forgot your powerbank at home? No problem at all. 

When your phone, camera or tablet us running low, just connect it via USB to your Solar Camping Lantern and the large-capacity litium battery will do the job for you. 

Also perfect if you love to sit on the terrace with a glas of wine or a cold beer. 

You want to change the light-mode but don't want to get up? Take the remote control and change the light-mode from romantically dimmed to maximum brightness. 

The Number 1 must have camping gear that you should never miss. 100% Free Energy - 100% Independence!

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