Compact Handcrank Phone Charger - 100% Free Energy

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 Must have Camping Gear 

Imagine: you are going out for a hike or camping and suddenly you realize - you forgot your powerbank and your phone is running low...

Or your powerbank is running low after several charges...

There is still a chance of staying available: The quick load Handcrank Charger!

Our portable Handcrank phone charger helps you out in any emergency situation.

Stay always available, even when your regular Powerbank is running low - perfect for any emergency situation outdoors - 100% independent!

Transform mechanical energy into electric energy and charge your phone at any place at any time..

Very light weight and small so that itfits in every pocket. 

Also perfect as a gift for everyone who loves to stay out for longer. 



Output Voltage: about 5.5 Volt

Electric Energy: about 300 - 600 mAh

Size: 58*46*31 mm - Super small - fits perfectly in any pocket

Weight: 70g

handcrank phone chargerhandcrank chargerhandcrank phone charger

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic please allow between 9 and 18 days for delivery.