Handcrank Flashlight with integrated Radio

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The All-Rounder Camping Gear

With this multifunctional handcrank flashlight you will have many useful gadgets you need in one hand.

And the best is: You decide how to charge it. There are three different ways to charge your flashlight radio:

Charge it over the handcrank,

Charge it over the solar cells 

or via USB cable on the computer or on your powerbank.

Speaking of powerbank: With the Handcrank Flashlight you can charge several devices, such as your phone or camera. Just connect it via USB cable to your devices and charge them with handcrank turns or the solar cells.

It's your choice, no matter in what situation you will be in, the Handcrank Flashlight will be a useful companion. 

Equipped with a compact radio and powerful LED flashlight you stay 100% independent. 

Turn the crank for one minute and enjoy 30 minutes of continous torch light or 5 minutes constant radio play time.


handcrank flashlight


Size: 128*60*40mm

Battery Power: 300 mAh / 3.6 V

Working Voltage: 2.7 to 4.2 V

Max Power Consumption: 0.5W

Solar Cells

Handcrank Charging Device

USB Cable included 

Recharge other devices with the Handcrank Flashlight

Powerful LED Flashlight

Integrated Radio

Please note: This device is NOT WATERPROOF


handcrank flashlight
handcrank flashlight
handcrank flashlight

Please Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic please allow 9 to 18 days for delivery