Foldable Backpack Solar Charger Panel 10W

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Save Money with Free Energy Use

Use Solar Power to charge your mobile phone or tablet with our foldable Solar Charger perfect for your backpack or your camp.

The highly reliable 10W solar cells will charge your devices very quickly, with a transformation efficience of up to 25% it beats many other solar panels on the market ( average efficiency 15% ).

The folding solar panel is the perfect companion for you - no matter if you love to hike or camping or fishing. The small size and the super light weight of 300g makes it a compact powerful generator - 100% independent. 

In the package you will find two carabiners to fix your folding solar panel on your backpack or on your tent. When your advices are fully charged and you don't need it anymore, just fold it down - it fits inevery medium sized backpack super easy. 


folding solar panel


  • Nominal capacity 10 W

  • 2 high quality solar panels with up to 25% transformation efficiency

  • Output 5V

  • Usage Size: 465*265*3mm

  • Package Size: 270*170*10mm

  • Weight 300g
solding solar panel
folding solar panel



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