Viking Bracelet Fenrir - Armring Gold and Silver

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Connect to the Power of the Mighty Wolf



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In the nature the wolf is on of the top animals in the the food chain - and hunts like all predators to ensure his survival. Searching for prey the wolf is able to wander for miles. Once it was one of the most widespread land predators and even nowadays the lithe hunters are considered as a powerful shaman animal.

The special energy of the Power Animal Wolf

The silent hunter have a highly developed social behavior and live in family associations with a clear social structure. The wolf has a very different hunting behavior than cats that sneak up on their prey and quickly succumb after a short power sprint. Wolfs on the other hand pursue their prey in the group often over a long period of time, using clever hunting strategies.

The Celts honered the wolf for its pronounced sense of family and used it as a symbol of community. In germanic legends we have the God Odin and his faithful wolves Geri and Freki. For the North American Natives the wolf has become a wise teacher, connected to the power of the Moon. 

This viking bracelet is a perfect gift for people you want to show how precious they are for you. People with a strong mind who love the society of family and friends.

Available in Silver and Gold

best viking bracelets in gold and silver



Type / Style: Viking Bracelet

Bracelets Type: Arm Ring
Metals Type: Iron
Diameter: 65mm / 2.56 Inch

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