Valknut Bracelet - Leather and Stainless Steel

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One symbol - many interpretations

You can find it on accessories, coins and grave goods but what does it actually mean?

One interpretaion is that in this symbol all virtues come together that characterize Wotan ( Odin ). His self-sacrifice or willingness to sacrife, his relation to death, his mind or thoughts, his magic, his wisdom, his poetry and others.

Some people see in the Valknut a symbol of the "three triads". One triad stands for Voden, Vile and Ve ( Odin, Tyr and Thor ), so the triad of Creation. Another triad of the Being and the third triad for Jörmundgandr, Fenrir and Hel, a triad of Destruction but also of New Beginning.

Another interpretation of the Valknut is the Nine Worlds, that are connected through secrets and nine corners which result from the three intricate triangles stand for the nine worlds Odin has to travel through.

This beautiful bracelet is made of resistant black leather combined with a fine rune ornament of stainless steel. Available in Silver and Bronze, perfect for all Viking Fans and History Lovers

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