USB Waterproof Cigarette Case With Integrated Lighter

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The Camp Is Bbuilt - Finally A Cigartette! But Where Is The Lighter Again?

Or Cigarettes Soaking Wet Again After A Heavy Rain?

That Doesn't Have To Be!

Discover how our waterproof USB Cigarette Case with integrated lighter can keep you out of trouble. We drive for quality and keep your cigarette box and USB lighter always on one place. 

We also want to keep it simple: Put your whole pack of cigarettes as you buy it into the case that guarantees a perfect protection from water and deformation. 

Simply charge the cigarette lighter case via USB at home before you leave or in the car, a regular USB charger in the 12V cigarette heater fits perfectly. 

Right now we have a Special Sale and you save $10,-! Sale ends soon and they are selling out fast so hurry to get yours now!

Imagine having your cigarette box and lighter always at the same place and everything is even waterproof. Never hiding for the wind lightning your cigarette anymore. This is something you need and we have it on sale right now with our limited offer. Don't wait until the price goes back up...

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  • Waterproof & Windproof
  • fast USB Charging
  • heats with Hot Wire
  • regular cigarette pack fits in
  • Charge it with your Laptop, in Socket or Cigarette Heater in your Car
  • Available in Silver, Black and Gold
  • Magnet Switch Lock Up

Arrival 5-10 Days Depending On Your Location

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