Super Strong 10000mah Mini Power Bank Baseus

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The Ultimate Mini Power Bank Smaller Than A Poker Card

You are out and the battery runs low again?
Why don't you take a power bank with you?
Too big for your pockets?
No problem!
The Baseus Power Bank Mini Version is something you need!
With its very small size it is smaller than a poker card!
The weight 240 grams makes it easy to store in every pocket or even in a bigger purse. You won't even notice that there is something like a mini power bank in your pocket.
Easily adapt your phone via the USB cable with the mini power bank and see how fast it charges! The strong 5V3A Li-Polymer Battery will charge it reliable - just lean back and play a game for example. When you are done playing, your phone will fully be charged.
An easy look on the LED display shows you the charge level of your mini power bank.


Imagine you will be able to charge your phone wherever and whenever you want with a charger that has half of the size of your phone!

Pretty cool right?
Battery low?
Not your problem anymore!
The best thing is - we have your Baseus Power Bank Mini on Sale right now!

Save $35,- on the regular price (50% Off)!


Limited offer only - since the demand is very high this Special Offer could be over soon. Hurry to get your Mini Power Bank 10000mah before the price goes back up!


  • very small size -fits in every pocket (90*90*23 mm)
  • with 240g it is light like a feather
  • LED display shows battery level
  • charges 2 devices at the same time
  • Battery Type: 5V3A Li-Polymer Battery
  • Battery Capacity: 10000 mah


best 10000mah mini power bank 50% off

30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

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