The Forest As Your Outdoor Fitness Park For Free

The Forest As Your Outdoor Fitness Park For Free -

The Forest As Your Outdoor Fitness Park For Free

Training in the Forest - Miracle Cure without Side Effects


Don't you know the situation too? Overcrowded gyms and park ways? Nowhere to go to have it peaceful and quiet while working out?

There  is one easy and simple solution and you won't pay a penny for it.

Go out in the woods!

The only thing you have to bring is comfortable clothing ( according to the weather ) and maybe some music if you like.

With some easy hacks and tricks you can train almost as if you were in the gym.

The wood as Natural Spa for Free

Yes you read right. Actively moving with a view of swaying tree tops has an immense positive effect on our body.

What wellness weekends promise for a lot of money you get here for free and at the same time they do not have the same impact on our health as a simple workout in the nature.

If the forest were a pill it would quickly become a miracle cure. It can be used in a variety of ways, has an effect on the psyche and physique, stimulates all our senses and has no side effect.

An example? If you walk across the moss covered ground, hear the rustling of the fallen leaves and inhale the resinous and clear air you will not only leave the day by day stress behind you. You even push your immune system up to the top, according to the Nippon Medical School in Tokyo.

Additionally you are reducing the risk of diabetes and heart attacks and it can even prevent cancer. Not bad huh?

What do I need to start?

Not much. Actually you only need some comfortable clothing, according to the weather, maybe some water, some motivating music and that's it. Maybe if you have a skipping rope but that's just an option. Important is that you feel convenient and have not taken too much with you.

If it rains and you decide to go out anyway take a poncho with you that is not too big and waves around, you don't want to get caught by the bushes.

When the temperatures are very low, like in Fall or Winter you can wear several ( at least 3 to 4 ) layers of clothing. That keeps you in the long end warmer than wearing a thick jacket and is more comfy to wear.

If you are afraid of wild animals you can buy a bear spray to defend yourself, even if encounters are rare ( depending on your location ).

How do I start?

The best way to start and to warm up your muscles will be relaxed running. Not too fast so that you won't get tired too early. Keep running for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Beginners with a lower stamina can start with 10 minutes or intervalls of each 5 minutes and a break of 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat that 3 times.

If you are rather not a jogger and prefer spinning just grab your bike and ride through the forest if there any paths. Try to ride faster than usually and focused on your breath.

When you start like this regularly you have a perfect outdoor workout to burn fat and increase your stamina.

6 Forest Workout Exercises Without Equipment

With these 8 exercises you won't need no gym equipment at all. The only things you need are some branches and your body weight.

1. The Saving Branch

Climbing is a prehistoric movement that strenghtens your arms, your shoulder and back muscles and also improves the sensory system and your physical suppleness.

A. Hang on a stable branch, grasp it slightly wider than shoulder width ( palms forward ). Tense your torso and arms.

B. Push up with an explosive pull-up until your arms are stretched. Lower your body.

C. At the end of the movement, quickly release one hand and place the forearm across the branch. Support yourself on your arm, release your other hand and put your second forearm on the branch. Push your body up on your forearms, your hands point forward.

D. Put the weight back on oneforearm, the other hand on the branch. Shift the weight to that hand and pull the other one. Push your body up until both arms are extended and you are back in position B. Repeat or put your foot on the branch and keep climbing.

Hopefully it was not too complicated to follow. If it was not and you are hungry for more let's go ahead...

2. Squatting on a lying tree trunk

Jumping and bouncing is good for legs and buttocks, the largest part of the body's muscles. Both types of movement strenghten the supporting muscles of the feet and improve your jumping ability.

A. Crouch about 0.5 to 1 meter (1.6 to 3.3 feet ) in front of an obstacle, for example a fallen tree trunk. Get some momentum from behind with both arms.

B. Jump off explosively. Bring your knees and arms forward while jumping. Fix the planned landing site with your eyes so that you can bring your feet into the required position.

C. You crouch on the obstacle. Hold your position and balance. If it makes sense, you can now balance or jump off and on 8 times again.

3. Bunp Tree Trunk

Heavy lifting and carrying was commonplace in times without a car and bike. Strengthens the back because a lot of holding and support work is required.

A. Put your legs apart at the end of a lying tree trunk. Squat down, lightly raise the tree trunk with both hands in front of your body. Keep your back straight!

B. Pull the trunk up to your chest in a quick movement, quickly grasp it and then push it up until your arms and legs are fully stretched. The body is also stretched, but a little bent.

4. Push-Up Sprints

When you sprint and jog, you optimize your stamina and speed, strengthen your foot and leg muscles and improve the economy of your overall movement.

A. With full body tension, go into the deep push-up position with your arms close to your body. Neither legs nor chest touch the floor. Tense the whole body and hold the position for about 3 seconds.

B. On "3" (or a command from outside), push up explosively from the support, put your legs forward as quickly as possible and go from a squatted position into a sprint at maximum speed. Use your arms actively. Depending on the conditions, you sprint up to 50 meters ( 160 feet ).

5.Throwing Stone Overhead

Throwing was originally a hunt movement. It improves the grip and sensation of the hands as well as the coordination, at the same time strengthens the entire body.

A. In the wide-legged squat, hold a handball-sized stone between your legs. Tension your torso, your back straight.

B. Extend your legs explosively, raise your arms and fling the stone over your head backwards. In the end position, the entire body is stretched. Avoid falling into the hollow back - and hitting people!

6. Tree Crawl

Balancing trains mobility, the sense of coordination and balance. It creates new connections between the brain and muscles and strengthens the trunk.

A. Only support yourself with your hands and feet on the lying log.

B. Walk across the trunk on all fours. Always bring your right arm forward with your left leg at the same time and continue this cross-movement until you have reached the end of the tree trunk. The knees should not touch the wood.


Those have been 6 ideas on how to train in the woods. Of course you can take branches and rocks as weights and do regular exercises.

From my own experience I can suggest taking a sturdy net with you what is big enough to fill it with rocks. That works perfect if you want to train your biceps for example and make curls.

To round the training up I would recommend some intervals of jumping rope.

As you can see, there are no limits for your creativity when it comes to outdoor workout ideas, it depends what you are convenient with and that you spend some time in the nature.

Have fun!