The healthy benefits of nature - for free

The healthy benefits of nature - for free -

The healthy benefits of nature - for free

The Healthy Benefits Of Spending Time Outdoors

Have you ever been stressed out and decided to walk a little bit around in the woods?

Have you been sitting by the lake when you needed some calmness and balance?

Of course you did and you should do it regularly.

In the nature we do not only find fresh air and listen to twittering birds, we also can find a lot of inspiration and clear our minds.

These 5 benefits should convince you spending more time in the nature for a healthier and happier life.

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Reason #1: Getting more sensitive perception

Whether rich green in summer or snowy winter landscapes - walks through the forest are always healthy and train your senses. The cracking of a branch that you hear in the distance, the fresh water you feel when you wade through a brook the sweet smell of fresh flowers in summer or the strong and spicy smell of rotten leaves in the autumn. The more time you spend outside the more your senses will get trained perceiving your environment. That also leads to more mindful way of live.


Reason #2: Strenghten your immune system in the woods

Regular walks into the woods or across the meadow have great effects on your body. Even when they are short they can make the blood pressure and the risk of hardening of the arteries decrease. At the same time the lung capacity increases. Japanese scientists were able to prove that forest excursions activates body specific defender cells that search and destroy cancer cells. The increased cell activity can last up to a week after the excursion.

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Reason #3: Decrease your stress level

Your day has been busy and you have been stressed out? Why not going out for a short walk? Mother Nature is your therapist for free and always available whenever you need her!

It's proven that even after 5 minutes you feel more relaxed and your mind is freer that before. Your heart rate, the adrenaline release and also the stress level decreases and tense muscles relax noticeably and much faster in nature than on a trip through the city.


Reason #4: A better sleep from fresh air and daylight

You have another sleepless night behind you?

Turning from one side to the other and don't know what the reason is?

Then you definitely should go in the nature more often douring the day.

The natural daylight will help to keep your body clock ticking properly and stay in a healthy rhythm of sleep. By moving in the fresh air it is easier for your body to relax and calm down when you go to sleep.


Reason #5: Fight depression successfully

Outdoor activities have a positive effect on well-being and relieve the symptoms of depression. Scientists discovered that spending time in the green reduces depressed thoughts. People who are more in the nature are cleary less likely to become depressed than people sitting on the couch.

Only 5 minutes doing outdoor sporting activities are enough to significantly improve your mood and self esteem increases too.


Not bad huh? But i have a little bonus:

Scientists found out, that people who are moving in the nature regularly have a longer life than people who do not. Even a few minutes are enough to profit from these valuable effects.


So what are you waiting for? Get up and discover the benefits of nature on your own. And the best is, it's completely free and without any appointments!

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