BOBO BIRD "Vegvisir" Nordic Style Wooden Watch

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Vegvisir - More than the "Nordic Compass"

In the Huld Manuscript, a collection of spell and other sigils the following is written on the Vegvisir:

"If that symbol is worn the wearer should not be lost in storm or wind, even if the way ahead is unknown"

The traditional way we could explain the Vegvisir is as a guide through the 9 worlds, starting with the upper world of the gods "Asgard" through "Midgard", our world of human beings and last but not least "Hel", the underworld and the worlds in between. 

With this handmade bamboo watch in unique design inspired in the nordic mythology, you will be able to walk in all of these worlds, always provided with the exact time, due to the excellent working japenese 2035 Miyota clockwork. 


Easy to adjust to your personal size due to individual links. The folding clasp makes is very simple to put on.

Sustainable Accessory

The Bobobird Wooden Watches are made of Bamboo for a sustainable use of resources and environmentally friendly production process.


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Quartz Clockwork JAPAN 2035 MIYOTA

Handmade Wooden Watch

Lenght: 22cm / 8.66 Inch

Width Wristband: 22.8 mm / 0.89 Inch

Width Clock Face: 44,9 mm / 1.76 Inch

Easy to put on Folding Clasp

Made of Bamboo

Push and Pull Crown

3 Bar water resistant for daily use ( handwashing, splashing, rain )