8 Steps to protect yourself from Covid-19

8 Steps to protect yourself from Covid-19 -

8 Steps to protect yourself from Covid-19

Corona Pandemic - What can you do to prepare yourself?


In Italy hundreds of people died from the Corona Virus infection and also in other parts of Europe the first casualties have been complained.

WHO classifies the Corona Virus now officially as pandemic. What you can do for yourself and for the people around you, you will find in this article.


The term of "pandemic" isderived from the ancient Greek words "pan" what stands for "everything" and "demos" for people. Unlike an epidemic a pandemic spreads not only in one region or city, it spreads international, through countries and even continents.

Officially the WHO defines a pandemic as a situation in which the entire world population is potentially exposed to and pontetially a part of it. However the term says nothing about how cantagious or fatal the disease is.

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What YOU can do now...

Covid-19 does not multiply in the lungs, as initially assumed, but in the throat. From there the viruses can be quickly released again by sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose and passed on via droplet infection.

The virus can also get onto surfaces and from there get into the mucous membranes via smear infection and infect healthy people.

In Order to protect yourself and others from infection, you should pay high attention and take following measures:

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1. Keep a distance from sick people ( one to two meters )

2. Regular, frequent and careful hand washing up to the wrist

3. Wear glioves if necessary ( wash after daily change )

4. Avoid shaking hands and hugs where you can

5. Do not touch faces or only touch them with carefully washed hands, especially the mucous membranes

6. Sneeze in the crook of the arm so that you still can touch things

7. Develop other protective habits, such as pressing light switches with ankles instead of finger tips

8. Avoid busy places and public events


The infection can stay mild so that infection won't even notice. That makes it more difficult to contain the disease as this allows unnoticed transmissions. In the meantime the disease no longer spreads rapidly only in China, with Italy the count of infected is increasing dramatically.

According to a calculation by Imperial College London only a third of all cases imported from China are estimated to be noticed.

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